Eyelash Extensions

Silk Lashes  

Thickest and Dramactic.  It gives you the mascara looking black and curl fuller lashes.

 Silk 12mm

Silk 11mm volume

Acrylic Lashes  

Superb and Natural.  It gives you the natural looking like your natural lashes but fuller and longer lashes.

 Acrylic 13,14mm

 Acrylic 12mm

Acrylic 11mm


Mink Lashes  

Soft, Fine and Light weight.  It gives you the most natural looking like your natural lashes but fuller and longer lashes.

 Mink 14mm volume

How to get the best lashes for you
For lash longevity it’s important to know how and why a lash technician is picking a certain lash, length or shape for you. The natural shape of your lashes (are they curled or straight, long or short?) and the general health of your lashes play a part in ensuring the look is natural and viable.

Can lash extensions affect the health of your natural lashes?
It’s a common misconception that lash extensions can damage or compromise the health of natural lashes.  Unfortunately, clients get used to the length and thickness of having lash extensions and when removed they forget the shortness and thinness of their natural lashes.  If applied correctly and not pulled out, lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes.

How to maintain your lashes between infills
It may seem obvious that the best way to maintain and prolong the life of your extensions is to follow the guidelines put in place by our salon but many people don’t. Playing with or pulling out lashes, over brushing (once a day is ideal), rubbing or scratching your eyes can damage lashes. Also do not get them wet before the 24 hours after application is up.

Can I wear mascara with my lashes?
While you can wear mascara with your false lashes, it can shorten the life of extensions dramatically and it’s not recommended.  Waterproof mascara requires an oil-based make-up remover and will break down the glue very quickly.  ~Retrieved and sourced from Vogue dated 24th Nov 2015