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HANDMADE IN AUSTRALIA at Blue Mountains Village of Leura

iKOU launched in February 2008 with instant success in leading 5 Star Hotels, Day Spas and Retail Stores. The name iKOU is Japanese verb meaning “to rest, to relex, to restore”.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds $59.95

Eco-Luxury Aroma Diffuser Reeds in 6 luxurious Aromacology blends

iKOU Eco-Luxury Aromacology Diffuser Reeds feature crisp white, matte hexagonal gift boxes with silver-foil embossing, origami lids and Chromology colour coding.
The superior grade glasses are enhanced with shiny silver tall collars and thick natural rattan reeds.
 A best selling iKOU range, loved for the true quality of iKOU essential oil scent blends, thick natural rattan reeds for maximum scent throw and impressive lifespan of up to 9 months, with diffuser reed refills available.

iKOU Aroma Diffuser Reeds are the effortless way to create a continually scented atmosphere and mood throughout your environment.

iKOU Aroma Diffuser Reeds: Premium Grade  –  Lasts up to 9 months  –  Alcohol-Free  –  Refills available  –  Made in Australia
























iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – Calm $59.95

A relaxing fusion of oils capturing the freshness of a Bamboo Forest.

iKOU Calm blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lemongrass, Lime and Lavender.

The oils in this blend have chameleon-like qualities that have the ability to bring both energy and relaxation to the body. This room cleansing blend will leave you feeling balanced and clear with the inspiring feeling of a fresh start.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – De-Stress $59.95

A Calming Blend of Pure Essential Oils to De-Stress & Relax

iKOU De-Stress blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lemon, Lavender, Geranium, Clementine & Patchouli.

– This blend is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, quietening the mind and promoting peace and quality sleep.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – Happiness $59.95

Create a blissful holiday mood with tropical Coconut & Lime

iKOU Happiness blend includes the essential oil benefits of Lime. This blend is designed to evoke memories of a holiday on an exotic island, giving a feeling of blissful relaxation.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – Nurture $59.95

A Nourishing blend of Italian Orange, Cardamom and Vanilla

iKOU Nurture blend includes the essential oil benefits of Orange, Cardamom & Vanilla.

– This blend is designed to have a mood lifting effect when feeling mentally fatigued or stressed. Orange Oil is well known to promote happiness and calm.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – Peace $59.95

Soothe and Nurture the heart with Turkish Rose

iKOU Peace blend includes the essential oil benefits of Pure Rose, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang Oils.

– Highly concentrated, It takes over 30 roses to produce a single drop of rose oil. Rose is directly associated with the heart, the core of our

emotions. This blend is designed to nurture, comfort and soothe the soul.

iKOU Aromacology Diffuser Reeds – Zen $59.95

A balancing blend of Green Tea and Cherry Blossom

iKOU Zen blend includes the essential oil benefits of Patchouli & Lemon.

– This blend is designed to promote positive thoughts, refresh the mind and remove mental fatigue.

Refill for iKOU Diffuser Reeds $29.95

Eco-Luxury Aromacology Natural Candle Glasses $29.95

The superior grade, heavy glasses are designed in opaque white with light-reflecting benefits, creating a bright ambience while filling the room with luxuriously layered essential oil based scents.
iKOU natural wax candles are renowned for quality and purity, made with 100% natural wax, that is ethically sourced. We hand-pour our natural wax candle glasses in our Studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, offsetting production with Solar & Wind Power.
HAND – POURED in the Blue Mountains, Australia  .  100% Natural wax candle glasses

*Note: Many “natural candles” in the marketplace including those labelled “soy candles” may contain a percentage of natural wax, but iKOU is one of the only options that are guaranteed “100% Paraffin-Free”. (Our candles are also Vegan + GM Free).

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – Calm $29.95

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – De-Stress $29.95

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – Happiness $29.95

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – Nurture $29.95

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – Peace $29.95

iKOU Eco-Luxury Candle Glass – Zen $29.95