Microblading(Hair Strokes) or Shading(Powder Fill)

Why is permanent make-up getting so much attention?  People are having more and more hectic lives, and need to make everyday life more efficient.  Now with permanet make-up not only does it help us save time, but also to improve our self-confidence.

A lot of people struggle with thin eyebrows.  They want more shape and more groomed brow, but don’t have hair to shape with it.  That is why permanent make-up is perfect and it solves these problems instantly.  A nicely shaped pair of eyebrows can do so much for the overall look; it lifts accents and frames the eyes.  That is why I think eyebrows are the most popular, followed by lips.

Our clinic uses Labina pigments and instrument.  A well-known German manufacturer
of medical devices develops pigmentation instruments offers high standard safety
regarding sterility.

LaBina Pigments


Before & After Brows Shading

Before and After Brows Shading

Before and After Brows Shading


I have just had a permanent make-up of eyebrows done in hair strokes technique, it was very light.  My artist said that my skin was very oily, and there was a possibility that my make-up would be unnoticeable.  Is it really so?

Yes, it is possible.  In most cases, artists use shading technique with oily skin, as the experience let us know that it is very difficult to make thin, sharp, and even hair strokes on an oily, pore skin.  But sometimes when the client insists on hair strokes or microblading,  artist can try special techniques for oily skin.  If the desired result is not achieved, the artist can use the technique of shading.

This is because the action of ‘stroking’ the needle through the skin to create a ‘hair like’ mark does not actually implant the pigment as deeply as the shading or powder fill method. It usually needs to be retouched more frequently than the powder fill method, as it fades more quickly (particular hair stroke brows done in lighter colours).

Permanent make-up of lips (Lips Shading)

With the help of LaBina pigments combination you can “fill” the contour and make the 3D effect.

The end of the procedure – emphasizing of contour, which makes the lips look more natural and adds volume.