Frequently Asked Questions


Please click on the Frequently Asked Questions below to see the answers, or view some of the comments from our customers and contact us directly if you have further concerns or questions regarding eyelash extensions.

Lashes come in different lengths and sizes (8mm – 14mm), we are experienced in applying eyelash extensions on all types of eyes and we will sculpt your lashes in proportion with the size of your eyes.

Yes you can. Eyelash extensions don’t interfere with your contact lenses, but before applying the eyelash extensions, you should take your contact lenses out. Please also see how to prepare for your eyelash extensions appointment.

No. The process of which the eyelash extensions are applied is very delicate; each lash is applied one by one. This same process is also applied to taking the lashes off.  However, if you take them off yourself, you do risk pulling off your natural eyelashes. (If this were to happen, your natural eyelashes may take more than 3 weeks to grow back) It is best to let us remove your eyelash extensions.

After your eyelash extensions are applied, we require you to keep them closed for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is up, you can immediately resume your normal day to day activities! You can go swimming, take a hot shower, wash your face or even go into a sauna. Just remember the harder you rub your eyes or the more you expose your lash extensions to harsh conditions, the more likely the adhesive will weaken and shed the lashes.

Eyeliner looks amazing with eyelash extensions, but avoid non-oil based eyeliner.   Mascara is not required as eyelash extensions look natural and its best to keep them looking natural.  Mascara may also lead to unnecessary pulling of the extensions when removing mascara. Any oil based or water proof make-up can weaken the adhesive.

No, the glue is a medical grade adhesive and is not harmful to your eyes. Your eyes are also closed at all times through the process, which takes around 45 minutes.

The eyelash extensions are delicately applied one by one to your natural eyelashes and don’t come in contact with your skin. Soft paper tissue will also cover your cheeks directly under our eyes when the lashes are applied, so your eyelashes are over the tissue to avoid any contact with the glue.

To keep your eyelash extensions looking their best use an eyebrow brush and gently brush your eyelashes every day to keep them straight, this will also gently brush out any lashes that are ready to shed and keeps your eyelashes looking neat.  Don’t worry if your real lashes fall off, this is normal and they should grow back in 3 – 4 weeks.

Never ever use mascara or oil based eyeliner, or oil based make-up remover.  Don’t rub your eyes and your eyelashes.

We also recommend that it’s best to come back every 2 – 3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions looking their best.  This is where we apply ‘in-fills’ to keep your eyelashes looking dazzling for half the price of the initial full set.

Absolutely! Due to the natural look of our extensions, and the choice of lengths – women of all ages will look beautiful with eyelash extensions – As they say “Beautiful eyes have no age.”

We highly recommend that you don’t cut them; if you do cut them the tips of your lashes would look blunt and unnatural. If you think they are too long, some of the long lashes will shed through your natural growth cycle within 2 weeks. This is when you can come back for in-fills and we can touch up with shorter lashes. Mixing shorter and long lashes make them look natural and satisfying.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy or satisfied with your new eyelash extensions (which hasn’t happened yet), we can remove your eyelash extensions. It should take around 10 – 15 minutes and the cost of the removal service.

We highly recommend that you do not try to remove the eyelash extensions yourself. The extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes using fairly strong adhesive and you are likely to pull out your natural eyelashes. You should see an eyelash extension specialist and they will use a special adhesive remover to remove your extensions.

Delashcious Eyelash After Care

After you have your eyelashes done you need to follow the below instructions so that you can maintain them as long as possible.