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Transform your brows with our innovative brow lamination treatment. Say goodbye to unruly, sparse brows and hello to perfectly groomed, feathered arches that stay in place all day long. Our expert technicians will carefully shape and set your brows using a gentle, nourishing formula that tames even the most stubborn hairs. The result? Brows that look fuller, thicker, and perfectly groomed, with a natural, effortless finish. Whether you want to enhance your natural brows or achieve a more defined, sculpted look, our brow lamination treatment is the ultimate solution for flawless, long-lasting results.

What is Brow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure that focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows. Also sometimes called an “eyebrow perm,” the high-shine effects tend to be sought after by those who may be experiencing thinning or unruly brows. As a semi-permanent procedure, eyebrow lamination may also be a good fit if you want to keep your brows styled a certain way but are tired of using eyebrow gel every day. Unlike microblading, needles and coloring are not involved. 

Brow lamination involves the “perming” of your eyebrow hairs to provide a fuller, more even look. It can also help keep them in place after washing off any cosmetics you may wear. 

In total, brow lamination takes 20 to 30 minutes or less to complete. Optional add-ons to the procedure may include: 

* tweezing excess hairs 

* waxing to create your desired arch 

* tinting for color enhancement or changes 

* You will also want to apply a nourishing oil or cream every night to help prevent your brows from drying out. 

Brow lamination benefits 

Eyebrow lamination may help address a variety of concerns you may have with your own brows, including: 

  • thinning hair that may occur with age 
  • gaps in your brows from overplucking or overwaxing in the past 
  • unruly hairs that tend to go different directions despite brushing them 
  • a lack of shape or unevenness Overall, brow lamination is said to make brows look thicker and fuller. 

Pulling the hairs up vertically may also make it look like you are experiencing new growth. The entire process is also completely non-invasive. 

  1. Brow lamination A cosmetic technique called brow lamination helps to achieve a uniform brow shape. 
  2. Brow lamination before and after Brow lamination uses a perm technique to fix eyebrows into a specific shape, acheiving a fuller and more orderly eyebrow. 
  3. Brow lamination Eyebrow lamination is a quick beauty treatment that creates a fuller eyebrow appearance. 

How long does brow lamination last? 

Perhaps the greatest downside to eyebrow lamination is that the effects are only temporary. To maintain your new brows, you will need to repeat the process every couple of months, similar to a traditional perm. 

It’s also important that your provider applies a moisturizing oil or cream to your brows immediately after treatment. You may consider applying the same product at home to help keep your eyebrows healthy and damage-free. 

Potential risks and side effects While brow lamination is not invasive compared to brow surgery, tattooing, or other related procedures, there are still some side effects to know before booking your appointment. Such risks are mostly related to skin irritation caused by the chemicals. These include: 

  • swelling 
  • redness 
  • peeling 
  • itching 
  • bumps 

The side effects may occur directly beneath and above the eyebrows, but they may also extend to your eyelids. This procedure may not be recommended if you have: 

  • sensitive skin 
  • rosacea 
  • eczema 
  • a history of contact dermatitis Just as perming the hair on your head can lead to dryness and damage, brow lamination could potentially damage your eyebrows in the same way. 

Your chances are greater if you repeat the process too often, or sooner than 6 weeks. Another more serious risk is eye damage. This may occur if the chemicals run into your eyes during the procedure.

Please give us a call on 02 9969 5467 if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy your new lashes and thank you for coming to Delashcious Sydney!

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