We all know that nothing makes an impact like beautiful eyes. From first glance to first love, the eyes have it all. The big secret though, is that everyone has beautiful eyes. It just might not be obvious to others and quite often, the beholder. That’s where eye extensions come in to the picture – to secret to unlocking noticeable beauty to all.

And when it comes to the masters of revealing this beauty, Delashcious at Mosman is beyond comparison. Expert at the revolutionary single lash extension technique, a custom look is delivered to every client, transforming her own unique features and unleashing real beauty.

Delashcious eyelash extensions look completely natural yet add an extra dimension and true dazzle.  The specialised single lash technique used by Delashcious by Samantha Vo is safe, pain free and takes about 45 minutes.  All you have to do is lay back, enjoy the music, aromas and relax.

Samantha, Delashcious owner and well known eyelash artiste extraordinaire, spends time with each client evaluating how best to enhance those features through appropriate eyelash enhancement.

The shape of the eye and the brow, positioning in relation to other facial features, eye colour and skin tones, are expertly considers before selecting a premium lash extension ‘palette’.  Also taken into account is the natural lash health, thickness and the occasion – the desired look is the created.

The result is spectacular – a face transformed and uplifted by the subtle but stunning impact of perfect lashes, framing and opening out your eyes in a way you’ve never realised before.

The Samantha Vo Voting


Samantha Vo, the founder and owner of Delashcious, has been involved in the development of the unique single lash application technique since its inception in 2004.

As a young girl growing up in rural Vietnam, Samantha was quick to realize that education held the key to improving life, not just for herself but her whole family. Against considerable odds, including little opportunity for female to be educated, Samantha finished high school and set about achieving her new goal. This meant leaving her home and family for the city to further her studies and establish a career.

In 2007, having already established herself as expert practitioner of the single lash technique, Samantha arrived in Sydney. Her craftsmanship, innate ability to ‘read’ a face and warm, professional manner soon saw her in demand across several salons. Working part time around her continuing study, Samantha introduced the revolutionary single lash technique to Australia.

Samantha saw the future waiting for her in Australia. She returned to Vietnam just long enough to pack her bags and head back to Sydney. Before long, she was able to establish her own salon, Delashcious, where her reputation as a leader in the use of single lash extension technique was firmly established.

Since September 2018 Samantha has trained more than one hundred people to become lash technicians.
Samantha has serviced some very high profile clients, including Katy Perry who found Delashcious when she was touring Australia in 2018. Some other well known customers are Sonia Kruger, Liz Hayes and Zoe Black.
Today Delashcious is a thriving business driven by one young woman’s passion for excellence and quality. Samantha’s business has grown, with clients from all around Australia and Overseas. Mosman is very far away from the sleepy village that Samantha grew up in, but her dedication and vision has transformed her dream into reality.
Samantha continues to provide superior products and service while conducting professional training programs and establishing franchise opportunities.

Dear Customers

When you walk through our doors, you are more than just another client……you are a valued customer! We will seek to fully understand your needs and deliver customised services that are just right for you.

We are lucky enough to work in an industry that we absolutely love. We are privileged to meet a diverse range of women every day, from school girls and brides-to-be to customers more than 70 years of age; from pregnant ladies and mums with new born babies to women struggling with illnesses who simply want to look their best.

All of our customers come with a different story. Their common goal is to look good and feel good, not just for themselves but for their loved ones and friends. When you believe you look good, you feel confident and that is an important ingredient for being successful.

Looking beautiful is not just for wealthy women or celebrities. All women deserve to look their best. Life is too short to neglect yourself – why not be happy, beautiful and put a spring in your step.

A Hundred Good Reasons

The human eye starts out with somewhere between one to two hundred lashes on each eyelid.  As we age our hair naturally loses width, strength and colour. This happens with our eyelashes exactly the same way it happens to the hair on our head. 

Delashcious eyelash extensions are the best quality, designed to add length, thickness and fullness to your natural eyelashes.  The unique application method employed by Delashcious ensures the new lashes look natural, just like you own, but add impact and depth to your natural beauty.

The end result is subtle yet spectacular. 

Everyday wonderful

Delashcious eyelash extension has all the benefits of a regular beauty maintenance routine, just like regular visits to the hairdresser or nail salon.  The low maintenance nature of the extensions simplifies your daily beauty routine – goodbye messy mascara – adding convenience and glamour all in one! 

You can shower, swimming, play sport with no need for addition fuss. Just beautiful eyes from the moment you wake up!

With the applications of in-fills, Delashcious extensions last for as longs as you’d like.